The Good Enough Mother Podcast – Launch 12 May 2022

I’m Luricka, Psychologist and Mother and founder of the Good Enough Mother Podcast.  

It’s the 12th of May 2022. and today we are lunching the Good Enough mother Podcast.

What is the Good Enough Mother (GEM) Podcast?

It’s a real space for mothers who seek the truth, their own truth while owning their experience and learning to be the best, unique most authentic mother they can be. 

WHY GEM Podcast?

For honest, professional information and discussion to normalise the mothering experience, seek the truth, learn from one another and create audacious amounts of compassion and love for the process of motherhood. 

Why is the Good Enough Mother Podcast important? 

Information for mothers is predominantly focused on parenting skills, which essentially tries to overcome the helplessness moms feel without actually overtly addressing it. Instead of being very real about motherhood, it seems as though most accounts and pages negate the true reality of motherhood. 

In addition, I Noticed that there are predominantly two clusters with information for moms. 

One is punitive, guilt ridden, judgemental and corrective where individuals raise their opinions in the form of projection. Which is problematic for impressionable, anxious and concerned mothers to consume. 

The other is to mollycoddle, indulge and negate the true experience of motherhood. It leave you feeling empty and searching. 

If the above appeals to you, then the GEM Podcast probably won’t be your cup of tea. I will be discussing motherhood from a Psychoanalytic and Psychodynamic perspective but try to make this theory more edible. We will focus on the unconscious nuances and real lived experience of motherhood. Fraud stated that most people don’t really want to feel freedom and peace, because freedom requires responsibility and people are frightened by responsibility. 

That’s what the GEM podcast is going to be all about. An honest, real and transparent, but sometimes uncomfortable, even brutally honest look at motherhood, and in search of the raw truth. Because, as you know, the truth will set you free. And freedom, away from guilt  and perfectionism, but towards self compassion is the essence of Good Enough Mothering. 

Come tune in on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. I will be reading ever comment!

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