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Here you will find a whole host of different therapeutic resources we often refer to on our Blog, Instagram, Facebook, and on YouTube. BetterMom has also launched our very own podcast called the Good Enough Mother, to assist you in becoming a more Conscious, Connected and Capable Mom. Visit our shop for many more resources, journals and printable. 

The Good Enough Mother Podcast


Compact Life Story Exercise

The aim here is to raise self awareness and reflect on your life thus far. Divide the horizontal line into brackets for your age. Then plot all the positive and negative experiences you have had above (+) and below (-) the line based on the age you were when they occurred. Reflect on the Graph once you re done. 

Daily Journalling Exercise for Beginners

Dynamic Health Today is the BetterMom Online Therapy affiliate. Here we share the English and Afrikaans guidelines for beginners in Journalling, and include a handy emotional regulation tool called the Emotion Wheel. 

Daaglikse Dagboek Gids vir Beginners

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Dynamic Health Today is BetterMom se Aanlyn Terapie Platform. Hier deel ons die Afrikaanss Kids vir beginners en leer saam hoe om Joernaalskrif of Dagboek hou te doen.  Dit inkorpereer ook ‘n gids wat help met Emosionele Regulering.

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