About Us

Luricka has Professional experience since 2010 and spent years developing the products and programs found here today.


My name is Luricka. I am a Wife, Momma-Bear, Psychologist, Foodie, and Teapot ☕️

I know like many of you, we battle to get access to valuable therapeutic tools, gifts and programs for ourselves and the little ones in our life. And what better way to gift a tool with therapeutic value!? ☺️

 This is therefore why BetterMom was started. 

In addition, I am passionate about many things, but two things especially: 

  1. The audacious pursuit to improve Postnatal Wellbeing for every single Mom. And,
  2. Early Baby Development as a foundation for later Mental, Emotional and Physical wellbeing in babies.

Like any founder, I’ve had to overcome some serious fears and feelings of inadequacy before starting this venture. But alas, here we are. 

BetterMom is subsequently motivated to empower Moms and Dads around the world to feel better about themselves, their Connections and their Capabilities.

I look forward to get to know you better.

All my 💕

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to provide an alternative view on mental health and postnatal care today. We therefore strive to facilitate connection between Moms, Dads and Children in a meaningful and powerful way through innovative mental health tools and programs. 

Our Values

Connection, Consciousness and Capability as Moms, through authenticity, vulnerability and Innovation in Mental Health

Our Mission

Our Mission is to inspire Mothers (and Fathers) to discover their unique ability to do the best for their children. We subsequently hope to shift the needle on Post Natal Adjustment, Postnatal Depression and Postnatal Anxiety. This may subsequently give each and every child the head start in a more connected, conscious and capable relationship with their parents and caregivers. If a mother can learn to look after herself, she heals her childrens children.

Why BetterMom?

I decided to start BetterMom due to the lack of Postnatal support I witness amongst friends, family and also in my Professional Practice. 

I also noticed that therapeutic tools with real medical benefits seem to be inaccessible in an easy, consumer-friendly way. 

As a society, we subsequently do not speak about, or understand the phenomenon of Postnatal Adjustment well enough. Nor do we acknowledge the different ways in which Postnatal Adjustment manifests within each and every woman when she becomes a mother. A mothers ability due to the support she receives affects the entire family system. 

Therefore, I decided to establish a 10-week online program for every single mom who wishes to learn more about herself, her process and her baby in the first few years of life. Furthermore, the program facilitates bonding between mom and baby through baby stimulation and play.


I therefore got some colleagues involved, and we developed the BetterMom Baby Stimulation Program. 

I’m excited to share an upcoming product for All Moms. The journal is filled with professional knowledge, inspiration, new ideas, journal prompts, open ended questions and thought provoking topics.

The aim is therefore to help every mother develop self awareness, the skill of conscious parenting and discover herself as an individual and in her role as mom to her kids. 

Keep an eye out! 😃

Our Team

We also hope to make professional services more accessible in creative and innovative ways. All our services are available online. Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy will be aided by the Early Baby Development Tools for sale in our store. 

Luricka Fick

Founder & Psychologist
with special interest in Postnatal Adjustment and Baby Development

Elmiza Moolman

Occupational Therapist
with special interest in Paediatrics & Neurodevelopment

Kerry Millar

with special interest in Paediatrics and Neurodevelopment

Come have a look at our unique product collection for yourself and your baby!

We have Early Baby Development Programs, Postnatal Workshops and Custom hampers, gifts and goodies for the whole family. Our Snugglesense© range is handmade in Johannesburg, South Africa. All professionally designed to facilitate connection, consciousness and capability.  

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