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We've developed Professional Tools, Programs and Techniques to assist you in your Mom-Journey

Regardless of where you are in your PostNatal journey, we understand and want to be there to empower you and your family. Check out our product range for more info. 

We’ve developed Interactive Journals like the

  • New-Mom Journal for new Moms
  • The Good Enough Mother Journal for All Moms 
  • & The Mom Planner to help Moms make sense of their time 

We also developed Guides where we address topics like 

  • Triggers, 
  • New Identity 
  • Partnerships 
  • Making sense of Motherhood 
  • Expectations VS reality and how this benefits you 
  • etc. 

What BetterMom has to offer

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The 10 week Online PostNatal Workshop is designed to support you as a mom on your postnatal journey, and help you adjust to your role as a parent.

Join the 10-week Postnatal program to discovery yourself and your new identity as a parent. The group is hosted Online in order to make it more accessible nationwide and can be claimed from Medical Aid.

BetterMom Specialises in making Mental health more accessible for Moms right across the world. We do that by designing professional tools and programs that you can complete and engage with at home.

These include interactive Journals, Journalling prompts, Guides, Printables and Kits that facilitate self-Care, Self-Awareness and Change to maintain your mental health.

Imagine receiving a whole box filled with self-care goodies to pamper you while you develop Self-Awareness and change?
We can!

BetterMom designs every single box with you, and your mental health in mind. Receive a free BBBB (Beautifully Branded BetterMom Box) with every three therapeutic products you order.
We are honoured to be part of your Gifting and Self-Care journey.

Program & Product Collection

Workshops and programs supporting Postnatal Adjustment and early Baby Development

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Just some of our Moms who found Connection, Consciousness and Capability through this program.

The sensory stimulation box I got from BetterMom has been incredible. We have had it since my son was 2 months old and he still plays with it now that he is almost a year. The activities grow and develop with your child as they get older, they learn to explore the objects in new and interesting ways. I cannot recommend this highly enough, thank you!

Cinzia Mason

First Time Mom – Cape Town

Luricka created a warm and inviting space for me and Noah to feel held and supported during the 10-week program. I felt less alone in my process of becoming a mom this time around.

Sarah Jones

Mom of 3 – Johannesburg

The Postnatal program helped me understand my own journey better. I now feel more capable to approach parenthood and care for my baby than before. 

Ayanda Mdladla

First time mom – Durban

I bought the Baby Stimulation Program because we live in a small town far from Psychologists, OT’s & Physio’s. I loved the tools and activities and felt so much closer to my little one. I highly recommend this program.

Jessica Breytenbach

Mom of 2 – Free State

The 10 Week Postnatal workshop facilitated my own journey to overcome my Postnatal Depression and feelings of loneliness. I could connect with other moms, who supported me and made me feel able to look after my two daughters. I am incredibly grateful.

Nicky Williams

Mom of 2 – Johannesburg

I combined the Baby Stimulation program with the 10-Week Postnatal Wellbeing workshop and found the two programs so valuable. My baby (9 months) still plays with all the tools from the BetterMom Toolbox.

Boipelo Moemedi

First Time Mom – Mafikeng

Who can Benefit from BetterMom's Products, Workshops and Programs?



If you have recently been blessed with a new bundle, and want a head start in your own journey of becoming a mom, we are here to help. These holistic programs and tools are designed by Professional Psychologists who understand the process of raising not only a baby, but the new or seasoned parent within you as well.

The better you look after yourself, the better you can look after your baby. We get that, and want to share this process with you. 

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