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Rumination and obsessive thinking are soooo exhausting!

Overthinking is a habit we learn when we feel unsafe in something. It’s the brain’s need to predict what will happen in the future and is accompanied by large amounts of anxiety and stress.

It’s the illusion that we can imagine ourselves in safety.

You are quite possibly using your thinking to avoid something more important. When we think about things like this, it’s usually the brain’s way of diverting your attention from something more underlying or important.

Your subconscious mind is sending you a message. Manic overthinking and repetition compulsion is what happens when something is still unresolved.But all it does is trap us in old patterns. 

Awakening is when we become aware of our own internal narrative and dialogue.

Ask yourself:

* What fears, guilt or regrets do you have?
* Do you perhaps avoid an important conversation with someone else or even with yourself?
* Is there a task you do not see a chance at or wonder if you are going to fail?
* Or do you avoid pursuing your life purpose?

Do the introspection. Stop that meditation.

Here are some tips
– Let go of the past
– Stop your thinking in that moment and ask if it is helpful
– Focus on what you can control
– Identify your fears
– Write down your thoughts and the solutions
– Become more active in your thinker and put them into action
– Manage your stress by getting out, exercising a bit, eating healthier and spending time in nature – Oh and reduce your screen time!

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