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Mom/Parent Burnout

Mom Burnout is the emotional and physical exhaustion you feel under the weight of chronic stress of parenting. Do you sometimes feel a little ‘about’ your children at times? Is your empathy and ability to deal with their emotions a bit thinly spread? No matter how much you sleep, you feel tired all the time? Maybe you feel less and less self-sufficient and struggle to give personal recognition to yourself?

Burnout is not for sissies.

Few Moms can admit that they are quietly struggling with Burnout. It is such a vulnerable process to acknowledge yourself and others. What if you are not Good-Enough to get up the mast?
You’re not alone Mom.

What does it mean to be burnt out?

  • A continuous bad mood
  • Inability to control emotions
    Feeling ‘touched’ or ‘touched out’
  • Difficult to think clearly
  • Loss of pleasure in parenting
  • Numbness with addictive behavior
  • Decreasing physical health
  • Get angry furiously fast
  • Forget or avoid important appointments

Tips to Overcome Burnout:

  • Try to reach out to yourself before trying to care for others
  • Address your perfectionism
  • Try to Prioritize Yourself and Your Needs
  • Learn to say no, even to your children
  • Reduce the amount of decisions you have to make daily
  • Be open to intimacy (not just sex) with your partner and communicate
  • Learn to ask for help
  • Your needs are very important
  • Check in and re-evaluate your priorities
  • Engage in Deliberate Self-Care
  • Set Boundaries
  • Learn to say ‘No’.

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