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Consciousness & Self Awareness

BetterMom has three main goals, which includes Consciousness, Connection, which in turn increases Capability for Moms. 

These goals form a holistic understanding of empowerment, good mental health, feasibility, and sustainability of the Mother-Child relationship. 


Consciousness & Self Awareness is the ability to focus on yourself and observe how your emotions, thoughts and actions align with your internal values. If you are highly self-aware, you can evaluate yourself objectively, regulate and manage your emotions, align your values with your behaviour,  and learn to understand how you are perceived by others.

Individuals who are very self-aware can interpret their actions accurately, and observe their feelings and thoughts objectively. 

There are two distinct kinds of self-awareness which include the following: 

Public self-awareness means being aware of how you can appear or are perceived by others. Because of this awareness, you may be more likely to be aware of social norms and behave in appropriate ways that are socially acceptable. Even though this skill is very beneficial, if it is not accompanied by accurate private self-awareness, you may run the risk of falling into a self consciousness trap where they harshly evaluate every action, feeling and thought. Potentially to the extent where you worry what everybody thinks about you. 

Private self-awareness: means being able to notice and reflect on your own internal mental state. If you have private self-awareness, you tend to be introspective, and approach your feelings and reactions with curiosity instead of criticism. You may therefore become aware of your thoughts and physical sensations, and being able to accurately link them to the emotions you are currently experiencing under certain circumstances. 

Research indicates that when we look inward, you can develop the ability to clarify your emotions, thoughts, values, behaviours, strengths, and your weaknesses. You may also become able to recognise the effect that you have on others. Research further finds that people with self-awareness are happier and have better interpersonal relationships. You may also experience a sense of personal and social agency as well as higher satisfaction in your role as mothers.

Benefits of self-awareness: It:

  • Provides the power to influence emotional, and cognitive outcomes
  • Improves decision-making
  • Increases elf-confidence — so, as a result, you communicate with clarity and intention and feel more capable in your role as a mother
  • Allows you to understand things from multiple different perspectives
  • Begins to free you from assumptions and biases, which makes you more relatable to others 
  • Supports the process of building better, more sustainable relationships
  • Provides you with the ability to regulate, manage and understand your emotions
  • Decreases stress
  • Creates happiness 

Self-consciousness, also known as self-awareness is a healthy sign of emotional maturity. It can help you develop healthy relationships and vicariously fit in and function within a community. Furthermore, positive and negative self-conscious emotions can be healthy and powerful motivators for change and meaning in your life.

How to increase Self Awareness and Consciousness 

  1. Seek out new experiences, get out of your comfort zone and learn something new. By proving to yourself you are capable, you learn new avenues of your complex being every day.
  2. Ask people you trust for feedback about yourself, how they experience you and how you seem to navigate in the world
  3. Identify what triggers your negative emotions and causes a reaction
  4. Question the opinions and beliefs you have carried thus far. Are they still relevant? Do you still agree with them? 
  5. Get clarity on your core values, motivations and meaning in life
  6. Draw a diagonal timeline of your life (See more under the BetterMom Resources tab) 
  7. Learn a new skill
  8. Write in a journal (See more under the BetterMom Resources tab) 

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